Frequently Asked Questions


How to register for the International Young Researcher Innovation (IYRI) Competition and Bootcamp 2022 activities?

Follow the steps and registration instructions as follows:

  1. Registration can be done on the Perpuskita website via the link then click “Register Now”
  2. Participants have to make payments for IYRI tickets at Please see the complete guide at
  3. After the notification of “payment is successful”, the participant will receive a confirmation email and a google form link for registration and approval from the accompanying teacher, principal and head of the education office/representative.
  4. Fill in your team’s identity on the google form.
  5. Fill in the Companion Teacher’s identity by including your email and WhatsApp number.
  6. Write motivation for participating in IYRI Bootcamp activities.
  7. Fill in the email of the Headmaster and Head of the Education Authorities or their representative.
  8. Upload payment proof.
  9. Click the submit button, and the registration stage will be completed.

Who can register for IYRI Competition and Bootcamp 2022?

Elementary school students in grades 4 – 6 and junior high school students in grades 7 – 9 by forming groups of 2-3 students.

Who can fill out the IYRI Competition and Bootcamp 2022 registration form?

The group leader/one of the representatives can represent the group in the registration process by filling out the form and uploading proof of payment.

Is it allowed if I want to register individually (not in groups) in the IYRI Competition and Bootcamp 2022 series of activities?

Individual registration is not allowed; IYRI 2022 is intended for groups with 2-3 members.

What should be prepared to register for the IYRI Competition and Bootcamp 2022?

The group leader/ representatives must prepare some information and proof of payment. Information required on the registration form includes:

  1. School/ Institution
  2. School address
  3. Group Leader Identity
    1.  Name
    2. Contact/WhatsApp Number
    3. Email
  4. Group Member Identity: Name and Email
  5. Assistant Teacher Identity
    1. Name
    2. Contact/WhatsApp Number
    3. Email
  6. Headmaster’s email contact
  7. Email contact for the Head of the Education Office/representative

Can I join the IYRI Competition 2022 only or without Bootcamp activities?

Yes, groups who want to join the IYRI Competition are allowed. Committee will open registration for the IYRI Competition 2022 after the Bootcamp activity.


How much is the registration fee for IYRI Competition and Bootcamp 2022?

There are two types of registration fees to take part in a series of IYRI activities including:

  1. The price for participating in Bootcamp up to the International Competition is Rp.550.000,-Rp.399.000,- 
  2. Cost to join International Competition only (coming soon)

If I only want to participate in the 2022 IYRI Competition, how much registration fee do I have to pay?

The IYRI Competition 2022 registration fee will be announced immediately after the Bootcamp activity.

How do I pay the IYRI Competition and Bootcamp 2022 registration fee?

Follow these steps and payment instructions:

  1. Open the website
  2. Register by clicking the “Registration” menu and selecting “Personal Account” or “School (Trial)”.
  3. Complete the form provided, then click “Register.”
  4. Open Whatsapp that has been registered with an account. Open the message from “PERPUSKITA” to register an account.
  5. Purchase the “IYRI Bootcamp 2022” product for registration at the “IYRI Competition and Bootcamp” event by entering the product in the basket and making a payment.
  6. Participants can make payments via Bank Transfer Mandiri, BNI, Permata, BRI or Gopay E-wallet.
  7. Complete the registration form, and the system will send an email that has been registered.

Where is the link to send proof of payment?

Proof of payment can be attached by uploading or uploading the google link of the registration form.

What if I’ve paid but don’t have proof of payment?

Proof of payment can be in the form of screenshots or screenshots of HP/Laptop/other devices showing transaction history via the Perpuskita website. Or screenshots of transaction history according to the payment method, for example, bank transfer, e-wallet, multi-payment and others.

How do I get more information about IYRI Competition and Bootcamp 2022 payments?

Get more information through the contact:

  1. Fajar Julian (+6285600970451)
  2. Lutfi Andriani (+6285951284242)

Sumbission of Work

How do I upload the essays and videos that I have created?

Steps to upload essays/ papers and videos:

  1. Bootcamp and Competition participants must create a folder on google drive containing Paper/ essay and Videos, with the folder title format: IYRI 2022-(First Name of Group Leader)
  2. Ensure the folder access is open with the setting “Anyone with the link-Viewer.”
  3. Next, fill in the google form for the submission of Paper and Videos distributed by the Committee/Facilitator
  4. Attach the folder link that has been created in the provided google form.


Do I have to prepare a presentation file (ppt) for the Presentation Event of the IYRI Competition 2022?

Presentation files (ppt) are required for selected groups who have passed the IYRI Competition 2022 Event.

When should I upload essays, videos, and presentation files?

The schedule for uploading files needed for IYRI Competition activities will be published after the Bootcamp.

Where can I find links to upload essay/ paper, video, and presentation files?

The google form link provided by the Committee is only for confirmation that the Participant (or research group) has uploaded the files needed for the IYRI Competition. Participants can upload files in the google drive folder of each group and attach the folder link to the google form provided by the Committee. The file upload procedure is listed as number 1.

Day of The IYRI Competition Event

What should be prepared before the IYRI Competition 2022 Event (Presentations and Awards)?

After uploading the file and filling out the Google Form for Paper and Video submission, the group that has passed must prepare a presentation file (ppt) which will be presented at the IYRI Competition 2022 Event (Presentations and Awards).

Will there be an initial briefing or rehearsal before the IYRI Competition 2022 Event?

Yes, the Briefing will be held one day before the IYRI Competition 2022 Event (Presentations and Awards).

Who should attend the IYRI Competition 2022 Event (Presentations and Awards)?

Groups consisting of a leader and group members must attend via Zoom Apps. Parents and teachers can watch the IYRI Competition 2022 Event (Presentations and Awards) via Youtube streaming.

What are the technical instructions and the order of presentation in the IYRI Competition 2022 Event?

The Committee will deliver technical instructions for activities and presentations at the Summit during the Briefing. The Committee will also distribute files containing technical instructions and the order of presentation at the Briefing.

Are presenters required to turn on the camera?

Presenters are required to turn on the camera during presentations. The group leader or representative can be the presenter (1 person only).

What if there is a network problem during the presentation at the 2022 IYRI Competition Event?

If a technical problem causes the presenter to be unable to present the paper or video, the Committee will play the video that has been uploaded on google drive. The unpreparedness of the presenter/group in the presentation at the Event can affect the assessment.


Get more information:
Fajar Julian (+6285600970451)
Lutfi Andriani (+6285951284242)